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The storm came, the war came, but the universe was kind to the Doctor for once. He and Rose fought the Cybermen and the Daleks and ended up in that fateful lever room. But Rose held on. Just long enough. Mind you, the Doctor thinks watching her fall and thinking he was going to lose her to the Void took at least a century off of his life. Possibly more. Probably maybe.

Aaaaanyway! This Doctor saved the world and didn't lose his Rose. So they're still here. Still together, traveling through Time and Space, saving lives and civilizations (and landing in a fair bit of trouble rather often, but they wouldn't be them if they didn't, would they?).

Long story short (hah!), this Doctor's a pretty happy bloke. Sure, he worries about his companion adjusting to life without her family, but they'll just keep running until it doesn't hurt so much.

Mun and muse 18+
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